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Praxisklinik Urania AG

Dr. Georges Stergiou, member of the SYMMETRIA team, shares common ground with Dr. Nikos Metaxotos when it comes to the provision of optimal results, which are achieved through the latest technology and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Dr. Georges Stergiou is the Head of Facial Surgery and Plastic Surgery at Praxisklinik Urania.

Dr. Georges Stergiou studied dentistry at the University of Zurich. After working for a short time as a dentist, he continued his studies in medicine, which he completed in 1999. Later, he worked with Dr. Cynthia Wolfensberger in plastic and cosmetic surgery, and received further training in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery from the department of plastic surgery at Clinic Hornheide in Germany.

He completed his additional training as a cosmetic surgeon (Board for General Cosmetic Surgery), under the umbrella of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and worked as a plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon at St. Joseph in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive facial surgery are the areas covered by Praxisklinik Urania, offering excellent, specialized services, from the stage of the preliminary consultation session, to the postoperative recovery at home.