Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®


SYMMETRIA® is a step ahead of the game when it comes to weight management! 

By taking into account all the latest scientific developments, SYMMETRIA® now offers new, customizable protocols to help you achieve a healthy weight according to your genetic profile and lifestyle. Our team of experts will ensure the most appropriate mix & match of the following steps.

The Steps:

    1. Consultation - With a professional team consisting of cardiologist and nutritionist.
    2. Clinical Examination – From fat measurements and inch measurements to DNA tests where needed.
    3. ECG (electrocardiogram) - If needed is conducted on site.
    4. Breezing Technology - To accurately measure your metabolic rate (optional)
    5. Food Intolerance Test - To check what foods your body cannot metabolize easily (optional)
    6. Blood Tests - If needed to check vitamin deficiencies, thyroid function and other elements that the medical team may recommend.
    7. Genetic profile 


Your allies:

We have partnered with the best to upscale your nutritional experience. From a partnership with ready-made, health foods from Fitness Meals to a protein-based died with Eurodiet and the detox solution provided by Prolon®. All body treatments are also accompanied by your favorite audio books from Book Voice.