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Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis

All protocols are customizable. Costs vary according to the tailormade needs of each patient.

SYMMETRIA’s aim of providing personalized dietary programs is achieved by three modern, precise methods to measure body composition, and more specifically, adipose tissue.

The most common assessments are anthropometric and include weight, stature, abdominal circumference, and skinfold measurement. At SYMMETRIA we additionally use more advanced and accurate ways such as bioelectrical impedance and infrared energy.  

SYMMETRIA’s high-quality infrastructure includes Tanita BC-418 MA, which is one of the most commonly used body composition measurement devices on a clinical level. The technology is called bioelectrical impedance. During the application process of this particular method, the body creates a closed circuit where a low intensity alternating current passes through the body. The water that is present in our muscles is a good electrical conductor, as opposed to fat, which is a bad conductor. So, this resistance is introduced into specially designed equations, giving us the figures for body fat, muscle mass, body fluids, basal metabolism, and other measurements. The method is quick, easy, pain free and has globally renowned validity and reproducibility.

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